Conference April 12-16, 2021 "Submillimeter and Millimeter Astronomy: Objectives and Instruments"

"Submillimeter and Millimeter Astronomy: Objectives and Instruments"

The conference will discuss issues related to the following areas:

A. Scientific tasks of MM and SubMM astronomy

1) Relativistic astrophysics: supermassive black holes in our and other galaxies, measurements of the space-time metric, plasma properties in strong gravitational fields, electromagnetic afterglow of gravitational waves, fast bursts (time domain) in mm and submm;
2) Cosmology: spectral distortions of the CMB, problem of H_0 (Hubble tension), early objects in the Universe, evolution of the luminosity function of galaxies at cosmological times;
3) Interstellar medium: molecular clouds and star formation, astrochemistry, the origin of dust, features of the dust emission of various objects, the circulation of dust in galaxies;
4) The origin of life in the Universe: water in the interstellar medium, complex organic molecules in the ISM, protoplanetary disks, exoplanets, brown dwarfs, the solar system;
5) Galaxies: bright infrared galaxies, active galactic nuclei obscured by AGN dust.

B. Instruments

1) Ground-based mm/submm astronomy instruments: astroclimate research, site selection, antennas, receivers.
2) Balloon and aircraft mm/submm experiments: Olimpo, SOFIA
3) Space projects: Millimetron, OST

The program will include overview (25 + 5 min) talks on key directions of MM and SubMM astronomy development, short talks (12 + 3 min), general discussion.

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