Data Processing Center

Data Processing Center (DPC) is a data exchange center between all Millimetron project participants.

All service and scientific information will be collected, processed and stored at SDPC. It is supposed to store all observational data (raw data) after processing. Data archive for all the data will be developed to have a possibility for future repeat analysis.

According to the preliminary estimations, having downlink data transmission rate through the high ratio data transmission channel from the spacecraft of 1.2 Gbit/s from tracking station and three ground telescopes, the expected data volume will be 150 PB (150 000 TB) per year.

It is planned to organize Data Center for collection, storage and processing of such big amount of data. This Data Center is going to be a room or a building with the fire extinguishing system, uninterruptable power sources, backup power supply system, air conditioning, video surveillance and monitoring of all systems and appropriate communication channels.

DPC components – computing center, on-line and off-line data storage, which includes the first and second - backup data copies, broadband and high ratio data transmission external and internal network infrastructure. To avoid the data overflow on ground-based telescopes and tracking stations it is necessary to organize data buffer storage on these ground-based telescopes and tracking stations.

Astro Space Center high perfomace computing cluster.