1st Moscow International Conference on mm/submm Astronomy


April 12th Monday | General aspects of mm/submm astronomy, sites, instruments

Chair: Yuri Shchekinov

10:00 Nikolay Kolachevsky (Director of Lebedev Physical Institute RAS), Welcome
10:10 Yuri Balega (Vice-President RAS), The future of the millimeter range astronomy in Russia
10:40 Sergey Likhachev (Head of ASC LPI, PI of the Millimetron project), Introduction to Milllimetron
11:10 Coffee
11:30 Vladimir Soglasnov, On the early history of millimeter and submillimeter astronomy in Russia
12:00 Vyacheslav Vdovin, Experimental mirowave astroclimate research for development of subTHz astronomy
12:30 Marat Mingaliev, Millimeter astronomy in Russia: what, where and when?
13:00 Lunch

Chair: Vyacheslav Vdovin

14:00 Thijs de Graauw, Submillimeter and Millimeter Astronomy: Evolution and Future Perspectives
14:40 Massimiliano Tordi & Mattia Scomparin, On the development of radio-antennas for mm/sub-mm observations: an industrial perspective
15:10 Taehyun Jung, (E)KVN: Simultaneous Multi-Frequency (18 - 150 and 230GHz) VLBI System
15:40 Vladimir Khaikin, On the projects of ground-based MM and SubMM telescopes and the development of the concept of the ESMT project
16:10 Coffee
16:25 Aleksander Lapinov, On the advantages of the Eastern Pamirs for sub-mm astronomy
16:55 Tatiana Khabarova, Study of best sites for ground based mm-wave radio telescopes
17:10 Artem Shikhovtsev, Astroclimatic characteristics of the Sayan Solar Observatory and the Special Astrophysical Observatory sites for ground-based mm/submm
17:40 – 19:00 Discussion (Chair – Andrey Khudchenko): sites, instruments & wine, dancing, singing etc … on-line

April 13th Tuesday | Instruments

Chair: Igor Zinchenko

09:00 Maria Salatino, mm-astronomy from the Tibetan plateau: the AliCPT-1 telescope
09:30 Andrey Khudchenko, SIS Receivers for Radio Astronomy – overview of existing instrumentation
10:00 Grigorii Goltsman, Development and application of terahertz hot electron bolometers
10:30 Valery Koshelets, Superconducting sub-THz receivers for space and ground-based radio astronomy
11:00 Coffee
11:15 Ivan Tret’yakov, HEB mixer based THz astronomical instruments
11:45 Andrey Baryshev, Direct Detectors for Radio Astronomy
12:15 Mikhail Tarasov, SINIS detector arrays for radioastronomy
12:45 Alexander Sobolev, 2D arrays of Cold Electron Bolometrers based on SINIS structures
13:00 Lunch & Posters
Kirill Maslennikov, Shorbulak (Eastern Pamirs) vs Chajnantor Plateau (Chilean Andes, Atacama Desert): a brief astroclimatic comparison
Aleksandr Malinovsky, Catalog of supermassive black holes for interferometric observations
Petr Zemlyanukha, Prospects for 3D printing of quasi-optical and waveguide systems

Chair: Vyacheslav Vdovin

14:00 Alexey Rudnitsky, Capabilities and geometry of VLBI mode in Millimetron Mission
14:30 Roman Cherny, Onboard electronic complex
15:00 Evgeny Golubev, Millimetron payload module design
15:30 Viktor Bujakas, New Precise Petal-type Reflector for Space Radio Astronomy
15:45 Coffee

Chair: Andrey Khudchenko

16:00 Alexander Shurakov, Status of THz Schottky diode technology for radio astronomy in Russia and worldwide
16:20 Leonid Kuzmin, Multifrequency receiving systems based on planar slot antennas with cold-electron bolometers for radio telescopes COrE and LSPE
16:40 Andrey Pankratov, Cold-Electron Bolometers for Radio Astronomy Missions
16:55 Igor Bubukin, Comparative analysis of the propagation conditions of millimeter radio waves at the NIRFI NNSU "Karadag" site (southeastern Crimea), the "Suffa"
plateau (southern Uzbekistan) and three IAA RAS test sites located in different climatic zones of the Russian Federation
17:10 Igor Rakut’, Microwave meteorological station to determine the integral humidity of the atmosphere sites
17:25 – 19:00 Discussion: Instruments & wine, dancing, singing etc … on-line

April 14th Wednesday | Cosmology

Chair: Dmitrii Novikov

09:00 Sergey Pilipenko, Unveiling the obscured high-redshift Universe with Millimetron
09:30 Biman Nath, The enigmatic star forming galaxy at z=11
10:00 Evgenii Vasiliev, FIR from high-z SMBHs
10:30 Igor Novikov Jn, Shock-excited Infrared signatures in ULIRGs
10:45 Coffee
11:00 Paolo de Bernardis, Millimetron, Galaxy Clusters and the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe
11:30 Dmitry Novikov, Anisotropic SZ effect and independent estimation of the CMB anisotropy low multipoles
12:00 Gemma Luzzi, Cosmology with the SZ spectrum: measuring the Universe’s temperature and expansion with galaxy clusters
12:30 James Creswell, Asymmetry of the CMB map: local and global anomalies
13:00 Lunch

Chair: Alexey Rudnitsky

14:00 Andrea Ferrara, Dusty Galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization
14:40 Sergey Balashev, Outflows from the type I quasar at high-z: molecular gas in the host galaxies
15:10 Luca Graziani, The assembly of dusty galaxies at z>4
15:40 Coffee
16:00 Carlotta Gruppioni, Obscured Star-Formation in the Early Universe
16:20 Laura Bisigello, Simulating the infrared sky with a SPRITZ
16:40 Luigi Spinoglio, Galaxy Evolution studies in the IR and submm from the space
17:00 Francesco Salvestrini, Unveiling the AGN intrinsic power and its effect on the host-galaxy ISM
17:20 Sergey Drozdov, Emission from hot bubbles by a quiescent star formation
17:35 – 19:00 Discussion (Chair – Yuri Shchekinov): Cosmology & wine, dancing, singing etc … on-line

April 15th Thursday | Relativistic Astrophysics

Chair: Yuri Shchekinov

09:00 Andrey Andrianov, Simulations of M87 and Sgr A∗ imaging with the Millimetron Space Observatory on near-Earth orbits
09:30 Sergey Chernov, MHD modeling of shadows and rings from blaсk holes. Problems and it's solutions
10:00 Evgeniya Kravchenko, Polarimetry of active galactic nuclei in ground and space VLBI observations
10:30 Yuri Kovalev, Probing the event horizon scales with multi-frequency polarization Space VLBI visibility tracking
11:00 Coffee
11:15 Gabriele Giovaninni, High resolution – high frequency properties of relativistic jets in AGN
11:45 José Gómez, Accretion onto supermassive black holes and jet formation: prospects for future ngEHT and space mm-VLBI observations
12:15 Andrey Lobanov, Millimetre VLBI probes of physics down to the event horizon scale
12:45 Elena Mikheeva, Black Hole Shadow Observations with Space-Ground Interferometers
13:00 Lunch

Chair: Sergey Pilipenko

14:00 Tatiana Larchenkova, Gravitational lensing and Hubble tension problem with Millimetron
14:30 Andrei Doroshkevich, Lyman-alpha emitters and first galaxies with Millimetron
15:00 Arina Morgunova, Investigation of the Hubble tension problem in the case of a time-dependent dark energy parameter
15:15 George Bendo, The Millimeter Valley Between Dust and Synchrotron Emission in Nearby Galaxies
15:45 Coffee
16:00 Vyacheslav Dokuchaev, Images of black holes
16:30 Alexander Zakharov, Orbits of bright stars near the Galactic Center as a tool to test gravity theories
16:50 Maxim Pshirkov, Radio transients: current status
17:20 AndreyErmash, Sources of confusion noise of the Millimetron Mission
17:35 – 19:00 Discussion (Chair – Andrey Baryshev): Relativistic Astrophysics & wine, dancing, singing etc … on-line

April 16th Friday | ISM & Water

Chair: Valery Shematovich

09:00 Anna Punanova, Water trail with Millimetron
09:30 Dmitrii Wiebe, (Sub)millimeter observations of organic molecules
10:00 Sergey Kalensky, Images of Class I methanol masers in the regions of low-mass star formation
10:30 Maxim Voronkov, Millimetre facilities and maser surveys in Australia
11:00 Coffee
11:15 Philippe Andre, Filamentary star formation and the role of magnetic fields on various scales
11:45 Lev Pirogov, Kinematics of filaments and cores associated with regions high-mass star formation
12:15 Maria Kirsanova, Non-stationary photodissociation regions around young massive stars
12:30 Alisher Hojaev, Scientific tasks for studies of galactic molecular clouds with RT-70
12:45 Ilya Kovalenko, Turbulence in gas-dust optically thick interstellar clouds: radiation-convective model
13:00 Lunch

Chair: Evgenia Kravchenko

14:00 Valery Shematovich, Studies of the ocean worlds in the Solar and exosolar planetary systems in the MM and subMM astronomy
14:30 Dmitrii Sokoloff, Symmetries of Magnetic Fields Driven by Spherical Dynamos of Exoplanets and Their Host Stars
15:00 Maria Pashentseva, Modeling magnetic fields in accretion discs, taking into account convective flows
15:15 Natalya Kargaltseva, Primary disks and their observational appearance in collapsing magnetic rotating protostellar clouds
15:30 Sergey Khaibrakhmanov, Physical and chemical vertical structure of the magnetostatic accretion disks of young stars
15:45 Dmitrii Ladeyschikov, Relation between star formation traced by water masers and physical parameters of dust clumps in the submillimeter wavelength range
16:00 Coffee
16:15 Igor Zinchenko, Ground-based and space-borne mm/submm astronomy in studies of ISM
16:45 Andrey Sobolev, Millimeter and submillimeter transient events in star formation
17:15 Anton Vasyunin, Laboratory studies of astrochemically relevant processes
17:45 Lucero Uscanga, Millimeter observations of maser-emitting planetary nebulae
18:00 Nadezhda Shakhvorostova, Probing star-formation in Infrared Dark Clouds with mm-wave masers using Onsala 20-m RT
18:20 – 20:00 Discussion: Water, complex molecules, disks & wine, dancing, singing etc … on-line