Science with Millimetron Observatory

Millimetron space telescope has three main scientific goals:

  1. Study of event horizon of supermassive black holes.
  2. Find out how the oceans appeared on Earth, and how often planets with liquid water are formed.
  3. Check the limits of applicability of modern cosmological theory.

To achieve the goals Millimetron will conduct observations in two modes: as a sensitive single space telescope with 10 meters in diameter, and as a part of space-ground interferometer. You can find out more information about specific scientific tasks in the relevant sections.

  • Invitation to participate in the Millimetron Science Working Groups (MSWG) is now open!
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  • We are glad to inform that a guideline for scientific working groups of Millimetron project is now available on the web-site. More information
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Credit: EHT Collaboration, NASA / WMAP SCIENCE TEAM