Space Platform


Service systems basic module to ensure the “Spektr-M” spacecraft functioning at all stages of its active existence, and includes the following:

  • On-board control system (OCS);


  • On-board radio complex (ORC);


  • Power supply system (PSS);

  • Solar panels orientation system (SPOS);

  • Telemetry system (TMS);

  • Antenna feeder system (AFS);

  • Propulsion engines systems (PES)).





On-board control system is designed to control the spacecraft operation, including the control of the spacecraft on-board equipment functioning using the given sequence programs as well as the control of the spacecraft’s center of mass and angular motion..

ORC operates as a part of the instruments complex, installed on the “Spektr-M” spacecraft, supporting communication with Russian and foreign ground stations and is designed for two-way radio communications between the “Spektr-M” spacecraft ground stations.

“Spektr-M” power supply system (PSS) is designed to supply the on-board equipment with continuous power with the required nominal value (27 V and 100 V) and required quality.

Solar panel orientation system (SPOS) is designed to turn solar panels (SP) facing the Sun, for the electricity transmission from the SP to the spacecraft power supply system.

“Spektr-M” telemetry system is designed to collect the information form signal, analog and temperature sensors, to collect the information from digital temperature and pressure sensors, form telemetry information into telemetry frames in telemetry memory device the volume of which are 16,5 Mbytes.

“Spektr-M” spacecraft antenna-feeder system is designed to perform radio waves receiving, transmitted in direction “Earth-Spacecraft” and to perform radio waves emission in the direction “Spacecraft-Earth”. Antenna-feeder system consists of directional receiving and transmitting channels, bandpass filters for receiving and transmission channels, waveguide switches, coaxial waveguide transitions and waveguide rotary joints.

The two-component liquid rocket propulsion system is designed to perform the following functions of the “Spektr-M”: control momentum generation for the points around the three axes of the spacecraft with the aim to calm down the spacecraft after the separation from the booster, generation of the thrust momentum during the spacecraft's orbit corrections, spacecraft stabilization during orbit corrections.