Ground Tracking Station "GTS-SM"

GTS-SM is a component of “Spektr-M” ground scientific complex and operates in conjunction with the on-board high informative radio complex VIRK-M, forming “Spacecraft-GTS” radio link.

GTS-SM performs the following functions:

  • GTS-SM antenna pointing and spacecraft tracking during the communication session.

  • Receiving of the data and demodulation of two scientific data streams with a rate of 600 Mbit/s in each channel with a relative error not worse than 10-5 5 with further data registration after decoding using specialized digital recorders (RDR, VLBA, MARK-5, etc.) together with the information on the exact local time.
  • Extraction of scientific and service information from the arrays of received data with further transfer to the data processing center and flight control center.
  • Extraction of spacecraft telemetry information from data frames headers, binding it to the current time and real-time transfer to the flight control center.
  • Extraction of signals at carrier frequencies (15.00 and 15.20 GHz) in each data channel and production of Doppler shift measurement of current frequency residual and current phase difference between the carrier signal and the reference H-maser station signal. The results of measurement in a digital form as a function of time are recorded in a file for further transfer to the Spektr-M data center and ballistics center via communication channels.

Ground tracking station operation mode is session mode. The duration of one session can be from 2 hours up to 10 hours per day. Continuous information downlink from “Spektr-M” to Earth is performed by at least three ground tracking stations separated in longitude.